I have struggled with writing a Mother’s Day post this year. I was telling David that the words were dissipating like vapor in the air as soon as I started to speak them. We have now lost both of our mothers; his only a few weeks ago. As painful as the loss has been, I am reminded of the biggest gift she has left me; I get to love her son everyday. She instilled a love of God in him at a young age, a powerful legacy that lives on with her absence. Isn’t that the potential power of motherhood?  I love the role of mothering and feel blessed to be called ‘momma’. My journey to motherhood took two very different and difficult paths.

My children are now adults and I pray every day that I am exactly the mother that each of them individually need because their needs are vastly different; they are as unique as oil and water.  I believe that is true of motherhood as well. We can all have desires that vary so vastly and our needs change with the seasons of life. Some of us are more laid back and some of us are as tightly wound as a coil on a mattress spring. What I have found in common with all of the women I have been fortunate enough to talk to over all these years of ministry is that we want to do our very best. We want to honor the Lord with the children that He has given us. Psalm 127:3 (NLT) reminds us “Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.” Our children are our gifts.

We should fight to protect our children.  We should love them more than ourselves. We should fervently pray for our children, asking God to give them life, to save them, to heal them, and deliver them from this world filled with evil.

Our faith in Jesus is our legacy and every Christian mom that I know desires her children to live out faith in Christ as a way to carry her legacy to the next generation and on to the world. This Mother’s Day, my focus is more on what I leave behind to all of my children, both by flesh and by faith. I want a deep and abiding love for Jesus Christ to be what I am remembered and celebrated for. I want this to be my legacy.

Courtnay Aycock

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