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This morning I am sitting in my office with the full intention of getting a lot of things accomplished before Thanksgiving is here. With my laptop in front of me and my Bible beside me, I realized things were out of order. I pushed my laptop back and started to worship. I closed my eyes Read More

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Mocking the Hero and Modern Christianity

Imagine a runaway train, like you see in a super action movie. Imagine it is full of nuclear weapons and it’s heading for a heavily populated area. If it arrives as planned by the evil, bad guys, millions of people will die, cities will be destroyed, and the impact will be felt worldwide and talked Read More

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The Beauty of a Woman

Today is the birthday of a beautiful woman, Mrs. Rita, in our Wednesday night ladies group. Thanks to the magic of Facebook reminders, I remembered! As In went to post Happy Birthday to this sweet lady, I saw she is 88 years young. I would never have thought she was 88. To be quite honest, Read More

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