As Mother’s Day approaches, I am always struck by the complexity of emotions that can impact us all. There are few of us that have picture perfect experiences, relationships, or memories related to Mother’s Day. We don’t have perfect mothers- our mothers have made mistakes. have passed away, or we have broken relationships. Or, we struggle with our own view of motherhood- have we been good enough, do our children measure up, and how much of their issues are our fault. Women are so complex.

Motherhood is a gift that women are uniquely equipped by God to handle. We are tenderly, lovingly strong. We are like granite stones made out of the softest of cottons. We are strong; a place for our children to run and be protected. We will not be moved as we fiercely protect our precious children of any age. We are soft and fluffy cotton- we can absorb tears and fears and wrap our children up with unconditional love. Strong and squishy; we are moms.

In the book of Genesis, God told Abraham that that he would be a father of many. That meant his wife Sarah would be the mother of many children. Honestly, she was old and I am sure she thought that babies don’t come after hot flashes- it’s simply too late. She laughed, it seemed so ridiculous. ( Genesis 18:10-12) The Lord responded to all that she felt by proclaiming in Genesis 18:14 : Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Mommas, that is what I want to encourage you with today. Is anything too hard for the Lord? We can feel like our situations are just as  impossible as Sarah’s. Are you struggling with grief, anger, separation, desperation, infertility, loneliness, doubt, fear, depression, or despair? Nothing is too hard for the Lord. God can handle all of it. He has uniquely equipped you to love the child or children that you have through the power of His Holy Spirit.  He  brought you into this world with the mom that you have. That may bring you great sorrow or great joy. But I do know that  through the power of the Holy Spirit, healing and rejoicing can come through any circumstance. I pray that the Lord brings you joy this Mother’s Day. Don’t give up, He is the great Rock that provides comfort to us all.

Courtnay Aycock


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