I always know when Spring has sprung and Summer is quickly approaching. I can look across my green grass and see the first dandelion of the year. I remember as a child how much I loved to find as many as I could and whirl them around, watching the ends of them float away in the wind. When I had children, I was overwhelmed with their wonder of the dandelion…and the cost of weed and feed. You see, the spinning of my kids was quite costly on my yard. When our grandson came along, we let him spin away with reckless abandon. We also gave thanks that we now have a credit card to a Home Improvement Store for the weed and feed.

A dandelion is a funny little thing. We call it a weed, but isn’t it a bit of a marvel? It has this single, fuzzy green stem that houses hundreds of airy, whimsical, lighter-than-air, puffs on top. It’s fragility is actually both beautiful and powerful.

The fragile, “weed-ish” qualities of a dandelion is how Christians are viewed these days. Christ follower, I want to use this weed to remind you of a few things about who we are and what we are called to do.

We are viewed as weak and we are viewed as nuisances. We feel alone, like one weed in a hundred acres of grass. The acres hate what we believe and do not want to tolerate us; the acres want to destroy everything that makes us who we are. But just like that fragile weed, we are seriously powerful. Did you know that one dandelion, all by itself, can spread 400 seeds. It can impact 400 places. It may look meek, but just like Christ-followers, we are not weak.

A dandelion is a humble, yet impactful weed. At first glance, the dandelion looks so simple, but a blowing wind or the joy of a child releases its mighty power. The same should be said of every believer in Jesus Christ. Our power should be found in our perfect design, created by God, with power that is released every single day. When we act in obedience to the Word of God, we are doing what we are designed to do. Just like a dandelion, when the Holy Spirit wind blows, with hearts bent towards fields of  lost souls, we can impact this lost world.

Stand strong and take heart. You may feel weak and all alone in a world of darkness, but you are never forsaken. Your power is beyond measure. Be who God called you to be and let Him use your fragility to be as powerful and impactful as a dandelion in the hands of a child.

Courtnay Aycock

But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive today and tomorrow is thrown into the furnace, will He not much more clothe you? Matthew 6:30 (NASB)



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