Maybe it’s just me. There are an awful lot of life’s situations, circumstances, (and honestly  people) that flat out leave me speechless. We seem to find ourselves living in a period of time that is unprecedented, at least in my lifetime. The spiritual warfare seems to have hit a new level, as if a new dawn of evil has been unleashed on planet Earth. It feels as if the very world is moaning in pain. I am hurting; my family and friends are hurting. People in my church, ministry, Facebook friends, and people in my community are hurting. People in my state, the states next to me, my country, other countries, the entire world is hurting… moaning…aching…longing for relief. For some it is physical pain that seems to just get worse and then more worse. For many, it is emotional pain- betrayal, confusion, abandonment, loneliness, fear, loss, and  ” I don’t know if I can trust people anymore” syndrome. Others are struggling with their spiritual well-being: “where is God in all this?”, and  “what does God think about all this?” are common questions I am hearing more and more. While our minds, bodies, and words are lost and tossing about in news reports of deadly viruses & terrorists attacks, many are wondering where there next meal is coming from, is the cancer coming back, and is my loved one going to ever come to know Jesus in a real, tangible way. See, in our speechlessness, God has a lot to say.

His holy, perfect, complete word, the Bible, is full of answers to every struggle we have had or will ever have. He knew this world would be full of trouble. He knew we would be at a loss for words, tears, and would feel hopeless and fearful. For so many of us, we view His answers as inadequate. We feel that somehow His word will just absorb into us through some sort of “holy absorption”. Here is the answer to, ” what to do when you don’t know what to do” : Seek HIM. His word is full of so much grace, mercy, and encouragement. He is still on the throne of Heaven. He is still God. We must read His word just like we must have air to breathe and water to drink. We must pray- He longs for His children to talk to Him as much as we long for our children to talk to us. Focus upward and less on our current circumstances.

Our life here on planet Earth is but a drop in the bucket of eternity. I dislike the saying, ” He (or she) is so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good.” If we don’t keep our mind on Heaven- eternity, Jesus Christ, peace, perfection, holiness, joy-filled Heaven- where we store up treasures that last forever- we don’t have much to look forward to. We can get so focused on this world and it’s pains that we are left dazed, confused, lost, and speechless. See, in the end, when my days are over and I stand face to face with Jesus, I know in my heart that the pains of this life will grow strangely dim. I am living on this earth but I am heavenly minded. One day I will take my last breath. I will leave my physical body and be eternity bound. I love my life- It’s a great and beautifully imperfect life. But I will tell you that on that day , in that moment my friends, I will be perfectly content with being 100 percent, completely, utterly… speechless.

Courtnay Aycock

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